Daum Potplayer Full Crack + Activation Key Free Download 2021

Daum Potplayer Full Crack Activation Key Free Download 2021

Daum Potplayer 2021 free download is an excellent choice for playing music and videos on your PC. While there are many third-party media players, such as VLC and KMPlayer, one doesn’t come close to offering as many features as Daum Potplayer 2021 keygen While many people prefer to stream videos and music, poor internet connectivity can cause problems. During such times, Daum Potplayer 2021 activation key for Windows allows you to listen to music and watch videos stored locally on your computer. With support for a wide range of file types, it’s a great choice for PC users. TotPlayer is based on the same interface model as KMPlayer. In fact, both programs were created by the same team. Although it is a free media player, when you download Daum Potplayer 2021 license key for PC, it allows you to view any video format. Also, it allows you to optimize video formats according to your preferred output device.

Daum Potplayer serial key


If you’ve used KMPlayer before, you’ll be familiar with the interface. Although cluttered in places, the minimalist design of the main window allows you to explore all the features with ease. With a right click, you can access almost all the important functions of the program.

As already mentioned, Daum Potplayer serial key for PC is compatible with many formats and codecs. Moreover, it provides you with many effects and filters to enhance the look of the video clips. Last but not least, the interface can be customized with different skins, in case you are not a fan of the default “dark” look.
Like MPlayer, Media Player Classic and other popular titles, Daum Potplayer 2021 for windows videos can play audio files as well. Although the program has some predefined viewers, you can download others online. Daum Potplayer 2021 for mac provides detailed information about the audio file, such as channel number, bitrate, file type, etc. Like most media players, the program has a wide range of audio presets to enhance audio output. While it’s not a substitute for stereo sound, it’s a good way to improve sound quality.

Key Features

  • High quality playback, video and audio.
  • Support for all modern video and audio formats.
  •  Support all kinds of subtitles, effects in subtitles.
  •  Player contains all codecs needed for video and audio playback.
  •  Operating system with 32 – 64 bit support.
  •  Play, do not download (damaged) files.
  •  Ability to turn off the computer at a specified time (after watching the movie and so on)
  •  Ability to watch videos via proxy.
  •  Ability to use the webcam.
  •  Ability to change the playback speed.
  •  Changes to the image scale. The buttons Num 1, 2, 4 … and Ctrl + Num 2, 4, 5 … allow you to change the scale   and position of the image to your taste.
  •  Support for various skins, logos, colored materials.

System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB of RAM
  • Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more


Daum Potplayer download

Daum Potplayer latest version

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  • It supports different types of files
  • Provides detailed information on playback
  • 360 degree and 3D support
  • Integrated optimization and modification tools


  • Interface refined in several places
  • It always works in the notification bar

How to Install

Step 1)

Download the latest version of Potplayer and install it. Make sure you get the x86 or 32 bit version for compatibility.

Step 2)
You can let Potplayer install itself where it wants, so simply hit Next during this part of the Potplayer installation. Once the Potplayer installation is complete, you will have the option to run Potplayer and install additional codecs. You can install all the extra codecs, plus it’s nice to have the full version of FFmpeg packages and libraries, by default PotPlayer comes with minimal versions of FFmpeg, which might be good, but the utilities install the full version without hurting .

Step 3)
You can choose to open Codec Open Files, install FFmpeg and Libav Files. I’ve chosen to select all of them so you can see what they do, but if you already have a specific set of codecs and don’t want to use any of them, skip this step.

Step 4)
Congratulations, you just installed PotPlayer. I have listed several directories where you can find different amounts of interesting things like reads or change logs. Also, if you want to add more stuff to Dir PotPlayer, you can do it in the points below.

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ DAUM \ PotPlayer
Additional codecs for potplayer can be found in the Module folder in the PotPlayer root directory. You can view all additional codecs such as Open Codec Files, FFmpeg Full and Libav Files by accessing this directory.

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ DAUM \ PotPlayer \ Module


All Version:

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